Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Convert To Oil Machine For Sale

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Technology Co. Ltd. is located in the beautiful Xinxiang, Henan Province and covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Our company is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise which conducts the research and development of rubber machinery and rubber products. Our company has an independent scientific research institution and an experimental research and development base, and obtains many items of national technical monopoly. There are 120 employees, including 60 people from colleges or having higher degrees , 25 people holding senior professional titles and 12 people holding secondary professional titles.



a.Proces tires,plastic ,rubber into fuel oil
b.National patents in this equipment
c.Without pollution
d.Quality is the best

1. Each set of equipment are composed by ten parts:
a. main engine horizontal type revolving split processor.
b. Horizontal-fixed distillation Processor.
c. Feeding-in system.
d. Tapping system.
e. Central electrically controlled system.
f. Condensation system.
g. Every oil refining systems.
h. fuel gas heating system (waste gas processing system).
i. Waste water processing system.
j. Flue dust removal system.


2. Domestic pioneer of this technology
a. In its key installment decomposition processor design, has thoroughly overcome the disadvantages of the domestic present vertical flat base split processor, such as bottom partial being heated non-uniformity, easy to break, low output, short service-life is short and so on.
b. Fast practical feed-in and discharge system. The highest feed-in amount of the integral unit equipment every 24 hours achieves 15 tons.
c. Highly effectively gas heating system. In the process of refining oil, after the gas is heated up to 150 , it will produce a large amount of unliquefied gas , which cant be formed at normal temperature, normal pressure. If those gases have been fully burning by the specific designed gas nozzle, they can produce a great amount of energy and economize resources. Take the bunker coal as the example, when there is no fuel gas as combustion-supporting for the equipment, every 24 hours need 1.2 tons coals. After the fuel gas aid combustion, every 24 hour need 0.3 tons coal, which enhances production efficiency in the large scale and reduced the fuel cost?

3. Company Commitment:
The company pledged that, each kind of series equipment we sell have the consummation the post-sale service, a warranty period year, that thoroughly settle down customer extra worries.

The main equipment is of high safety. The phase of the unliquefizable waste gas produced , which is dangerous when burning directly. In our process, it is transferred first through a water close device and a safety device- burning air muzzle. Before burning, we should ensure the safety of production.

Environmental Protective
Dispose waste gas, liquid, and residua in the process:
1. Waste gas: Transferred through two safety device: water close &burning air nozzle. Fully burnt, not only eliminated pollutant but also minimized the quantity of fuels. For smoke dust discharge, we apply series machines of patent in our company Desulphurization and dust remover which could control the smoke dust discharge amount meet relative standards of GB-2001.
2. Waste liquid: Produced waste acidic water in the process of oil disposing (50kg process from 1 ton of oil easy to process for small quantity). counteract the liquid by alkalescent liquid solution. After three stage of filtration, the litmusless waste water was introduced to evaporator(use the heat of the flue of main processor as its heating resource)

3.Waste solid. The solid residua will be left after the catalyst splitting from scrap plastic, approximately composes the waste plastic weight about 5% to 10%. Its main component is the thick black carbon. It can be the raw material of the production industry of black carbon. Also could be mixed with the pulverized coal ash which produces for the raw material thermal power plant, also could be the raw material of manufacture pulverized coal ash brick (one kind of environmental protection building material).

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Why Plastic Pyrolysis Plant ?

Rubber and plastic as very important and widely used  products in modern society , look around , so many things  are made of rubber and plastic , car , card ,bottle , pipe ,barrel , packing bag  etc . from industry to our living, everywhere in our life . But for rubber and plastic can cause bad pollution also to soil ,water and living environment  ,if they can not be treated well .As we all know— Every day , the worn rubber and plastic products instead by new and the old one is deserted  day by day , in some countries, these black contamination are recycled to reuse again , but most countries’s most places pile the waste like a mountain without disposing  , even bury or burn in some places because its not easy to dispose or local place doesn’t  have correspond industry to reuse it properly.

huayin plastic pyrolysis plant
huayin plastic pyrolysis plant

Plastic  Pyrolysis technology which is different with traditional waste disposing way , like burning or incineration , with decades development, is becoming a better and popular method to recycle waste rubber and plastic into new energy with safe and environmental protection device through the combination of modern technology , and different capacities and different automatic degree designs provided by mature manufacturer make the Plastic Pyrolysis Plant meet different customers request and demands . What’s Plastic Pyrolysis technology , Plastic Pyrolysis machine is to convert waste rubber and plastic  under a seal and anaerobic environment at high temperature into oil, carbon black , steel wire ( if tire ) and flammable gas fully without second pollution. And for the application of the outputs from the Plastic Pyrolysis Plant can be good energy and raw material widely used in different industries . Oil from pyrolysis machine, it can be good fuel oil to burn in various factories , sold to refinery , used in heavy fuel oil generator to make electricity ,or refined into diesel fuel oil by distillation machine with smell and color removing device .


huayin plastic pyrolysis plant 02

Carbon black from tire and rubber can be made into briquette to burn simply , or further grind and made it into color master batches ( granule) which can be good coloring and reinforcing raw material for rubber, tire and plastic products . Steel wire from tire can be  recycled to steel or iron factory . 90% oil gas from Plastic Pyrolysis Plant is cooled down into oil , the rest flammable gas we generally suggest client use to the Plastic Pyrolysis furnace as fuel instead of  discharging it to air directly , this not only save fuel invest and prevent gas pollution . Mature pyrolysis technology not only show the good performance of Plastic Pyrolysis Plant , Plastic Pyrolysis Plant suppliers also provide good engineer installation , test machine and training worker service, this makes the client who does this project has much more confidence and save their time and energy on the later stage , once the Plastic Pyrolysis Plant is installed, it can bring client profit soon with less maintenance .


Is The waste Tire Recycling is Growing and Promising?

The waste tire recycling is growing and looking promising. According to major markets such as wire-free mulch continues to grow year after year. Other markets for crumb rubber and smaller sizing are also growing as the demand for secondary products and uses such as plastic blends, molded products, and industrial applications continue to grow.

Markets such as pour in place, rubber/plastic blends, rubber modified asphalt and general industrial and construction products and fills, are all on the upswing. New uses for secondary rubber uses also are being developed every month.

Of course, growth potential within the waste tire recycling industry is directly related to access of tires and the access to markets.

 waste tire
waste tire

Also there has been a lot of activity in waste tire pyrolysis in the past three to four years, if there are advancements in this technology this could be a disrupter to the industry. Waste tire pyrolysis is a method used for recycling used tires whereby the tires – either whole or shredded – are subjected to heat in an oxygen-starved atmosphere. The result is tires that are converted to oil, gas, and carbon black to be used as fuel.

Once the government agencies finalize their report on tire recycled material, experts expect the growth of the industry should be 10 percent plus per year. Even now there are many states and areas looking to use recycled tires in new and innovative ways.

Once the claims of toxicity are more clearly debased, the industry will have a clear and strong path forward, also think more and more industries will find new and innovative ways to use recycled rubber. Recyclers and environmentally-friendly agencies can use the success of tire recycling to push new and innovative recycling opportunities.”

Around 300 million scrap tires are discarded yearly in the United states alone, which means there are many tires to go around. The only thing recyclers need to know is that tires need to be thoroughly cleaned and have all metal removed from them.”

waste Tire
waste Tire


People believes that unless there is a disruption to the status quo with regulations, tire design or new potential markets for the materials derived from ground tires, people expects to see slow growth throughout the industry.

While there is high demand for tire modified asphalt regions of the world, there is increasing demand for this small tire powder and there appears to be a steady but slow growth market segment, especially in the international field.

What is waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant?


Waste tire pyrolysis machine is selling hot-cake business in this whole world. through Canton Fair , more and more people from all of the world come to know waste tire recycling machine and used plastics to oil machine. they have not heard of this pyrolysis machine before . but nowadays they also face the problem – more and more wastes surrounding them . now it is time to do the action to deal with those wastes to get new energy.


Some people told me that there are many many many waste tires in their country and there is no body collecting them . if someone collects those tires, government will give them money to deal with those used tires. they only need to pay little transportation fee. that is really fantastic business in some south America countries and Africa countries etc.


Now our core market will move to Africa to help local people and make profit through wastes , North America ,South America and South Asia .if you are one of them, please come to our factory . let us clean the world to get new renewable energy.

HuaYin company is professional in waste tire pyrolysis machine, used plastic pyrolysis to oil machine, waste oil distillation machine, used engine oil refining machine, pyrolysis oil further distillation machine,decolor and deodor machine to diesel . since 1993, the boss began to go into this field . at that time , in China, there are many waste plastics leftovers from paper mill which is thrown everywhere. collecting those materials at that time is no need to pay . the boss process waste plastics and waste tires and waste oil for 10 years .in those years, he also non-stop change the machines and make more efficiently then he began to invent the machine to horizontal .so our machine from first generation to the latest technology, reactor design is horizontal and the most important part.


Pyrolysis machine is safe first, environment protecting,energy saving, and quick installation,more efficiently. we have SGS Emission Report, SGS Carbon Black Report, SGS Tire Oil Report, SGS Plastic Oil Report, SGS Waste Engine Oil Report .so if you want to do this business, we can support you in different files to get license and get the approval from your local government.

Doing this business, Carbon black is the big headache to pyrolysis field. but we have the solution about carbon black and to increase its value. we can make carbon black into briquettes which can be used as heating materials to heat pyrolysis machine. another method is to further process carbon black into good mesh which can sold to tire factory, rubber related factory or V-belt factory etc. the last method is sharply to increase carbon black value which is our colour master batch machine . it can make carbon black into colour master batch which can be sold to plastic factory ,cable factory as the basic colour .

There is no second pollution and no second headache wastes .it is fantastic business to go .
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