What is waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant?


Waste tire pyrolysis machine is selling hot-cake business in this whole world. through Canton Fair , more and more people from all of the world come to know waste tire recycling machine and used plastics to oil machine. they have not heard of this pyrolysis machine before . but nowadays they also face the problem – more and more wastes surrounding them . now it is time to do the action to deal with those wastes to get new energy.


Some people told me that there are many many many waste tires in their country and there is no body collecting them . if someone collects those tires, government will give them money to deal with those used tires. they only need to pay little transportation fee. that is really fantastic business in some south America countries and Africa countries etc.


Now our core market will move to Africa to help local people and make profit through wastes , North America ,South America and South Asia .if you are one of them, please come to our factory . let us clean the world to get new renewable energy.

HuaYin company is professional in waste tire pyrolysis machine, used plastic pyrolysis to oil machine, waste oil distillation machine, used engine oil refining machine, pyrolysis oil further distillation machine,decolor and deodor machine to diesel . since 1993, the boss began to go into this field . at that time , in China, there are many waste plastics leftovers from paper mill which is thrown everywhere. collecting those materials at that time is no need to pay . the boss process waste plastics and waste tires and waste oil for 10 years .in those years, he also non-stop change the machines and make more efficiently then he began to invent the machine to horizontal .so our machine from first generation to the latest technology, reactor design is horizontal and the most important part.


Pyrolysis machine is safe first, environment protecting,energy saving, and quick installation,more efficiently. we have SGS Emission Report, SGS Carbon Black Report, SGS Tire Oil Report, SGS Plastic Oil Report, SGS Waste Engine Oil Report .so if you want to do this business, we can support you in different files to get license and get the approval from your local government.

Doing this business, Carbon black is the big headache to pyrolysis field. but we have the solution about carbon black and to increase its value. we can make carbon black into briquettes which can be used as heating materials to heat pyrolysis machine. another method is to further process carbon black into good mesh which can sold to tire factory, rubber related factory or V-belt factory etc. the last method is sharply to increase carbon black value which is our colour master batch machine . it can make carbon black into colour master batch which can be sold to plastic factory ,cable factory as the basic colour .

There is no second pollution and no second headache wastes .it is fantastic business to go .
green energy from wastes is coming.More information about Waste tire pyrolysis machine Please Contact us info@huayinrecycling.com or Simply visit our Website:huayinrecycling.com


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