Is The waste Tire Recycling is Growing and Promising?

The waste tire recycling is growing and looking promising. According to major markets such as wire-free mulch continues to grow year after year. Other markets for crumb rubber and smaller sizing are also growing as the demand for secondary products and uses such as plastic blends, molded products, and industrial applications continue to grow.

Markets such as pour in place, rubber/plastic blends, rubber modified asphalt and general industrial and construction products and fills, are all on the upswing. New uses for secondary rubber uses also are being developed every month.

Of course, growth potential within the waste tire recycling industry is directly related to access of tires and the access to markets.

 waste tire
waste tire

Also there has been a lot of activity in waste tire pyrolysis in the past three to four years, if there are advancements in this technology this could be a disrupter to the industry. Waste tire pyrolysis is a method used for recycling used tires whereby the tires – either whole or shredded – are subjected to heat in an oxygen-starved atmosphere. The result is tires that are converted to oil, gas, and carbon black to be used as fuel.

Once the government agencies finalize their report on tire recycled material, experts expect the growth of the industry should be 10 percent plus per year. Even now there are many states and areas looking to use recycled tires in new and innovative ways.

Once the claims of toxicity are more clearly debased, the industry will have a clear and strong path forward, also think more and more industries will find new and innovative ways to use recycled rubber. Recyclers and environmentally-friendly agencies can use the success of tire recycling to push new and innovative recycling opportunities.”

Around 300 million scrap tires are discarded yearly in the United states alone, which means there are many tires to go around. The only thing recyclers need to know is that tires need to be thoroughly cleaned and have all metal removed from them.”

waste Tire
waste Tire


People believes that unless there is a disruption to the status quo with regulations, tire design or new potential markets for the materials derived from ground tires, people expects to see slow growth throughout the industry.

While there is high demand for tire modified asphalt regions of the world, there is increasing demand for this small tire powder and there appears to be a steady but slow growth market segment, especially in the international field.


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