Why Plastic Pyrolysis Plant ?

Rubber and plastic as very important and widely used  products in modern society , look around , so many things  are made of rubber and plastic , car , card ,bottle , pipe ,barrel , packing bag  etc . from industry to our living, everywhere in our life . But for rubber and plastic can cause bad pollution also to soil ,water and living environment  ,if they can not be treated well .As we all know— Every day , the worn rubber and plastic products instead by new and the old one is deserted  day by day , in some countries, these black contamination are recycled to reuse again , but most countries’s most places pile the waste like a mountain without disposing  , even bury or burn in some places because its not easy to dispose or local place doesn’t  have correspond industry to reuse it properly.

huayin plastic pyrolysis plant
huayin plastic pyrolysis plant

Plastic  Pyrolysis technology which is different with traditional waste disposing way , like burning or incineration , with decades development, is becoming a better and popular method to recycle waste rubber and plastic into new energy with safe and environmental protection device through the combination of modern technology , and different capacities and different automatic degree designs provided by mature manufacturer make the Plastic Pyrolysis Plant meet different customers request and demands . What’s Plastic Pyrolysis technology , Plastic Pyrolysis machine is to convert waste rubber and plastic  under a seal and anaerobic environment at high temperature into oil, carbon black , steel wire ( if tire ) and flammable gas fully without second pollution. And for the application of the outputs from the Plastic Pyrolysis Plant can be good energy and raw material widely used in different industries . Oil from pyrolysis machine, it can be good fuel oil to burn in various factories , sold to refinery , used in heavy fuel oil generator to make electricity ,or refined into diesel fuel oil by distillation machine with smell and color removing device .


huayin plastic pyrolysis plant 02

Carbon black from tire and rubber can be made into briquette to burn simply , or further grind and made it into color master batches ( granule) which can be good coloring and reinforcing raw material for rubber, tire and plastic products . Steel wire from tire can be  recycled to steel or iron factory . 90% oil gas from Plastic Pyrolysis Plant is cooled down into oil , the rest flammable gas we generally suggest client use to the Plastic Pyrolysis furnace as fuel instead of  discharging it to air directly , this not only save fuel invest and prevent gas pollution . Mature pyrolysis technology not only show the good performance of Plastic Pyrolysis Plant , Plastic Pyrolysis Plant suppliers also provide good engineer installation , test machine and training worker service, this makes the client who does this project has much more confidence and save their time and energy on the later stage , once the Plastic Pyrolysis Plant is installed, it can bring client profit soon with less maintenance .



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