How to choose a specialist pyrolysis equipment producer ?

How to decide on a specialist pyrolysis machine producer ?
As we know pyrolysis equipment is one of the green and efficiency way to remedy the squander tires and waste plastics air pollution problem.
If you look for “waste tires pyrolysis machine” via goole, Alibaba or other B2B platform, many a lot of waste tires pyrolysis machine firms will look in entrance of your eyes.
How to choose a great and skilled provider ?
Because this is a unique area, large revenue and substantial chance.
So, when you pick suppliers, make sure you consider these two components, machine style and personal oil refining activities.
From the equipment design and style, can know no matter whether they are specialist or not.
From their individual oil refining experiences, can obvious regardless of whether your workers can be skilled in a very good and appropriate way for the device installation and operation.
As we all know, for the machine, high quality is essential, but only occupy forty%, the rest sixty% is installation and operation.
If you purchase the machine but can not put in it in a right way, that will be as well hazardous. Since what we produce is oil fuel, it is flammable, for case in point, if have leakage issue or blocking issue, might trigger blast.
If your personnel can not work the device well, that will also impact the operating performance.
For examples, oil charge.
As we know the oil rate is relevant with these 4 factors.
a), uncooked materail
like you combine bike tires with vehicle tires and truck tires, the oil price can not be greater than you only approach the truck tires or auto tires.
because the truck tires, its oil rate about forty five% to 50%, for the car tires, its oil price about forty% to 45%, the motorcycle tires its oil fee all around twenty five%-thirty%.
b), cooling technique design and style
for the cooling program, its working principle is heating exchange.
As our 23 a long time of experience, a good cooling system’s style ought to consider these factors: consider to enable the hot oil fuel and amazing h2o touching spot as greater as possible
try to allow the sizzling oil gasoline and awesome h2o touching time as for a longer time as feasible (this is relevant with the oil gasoline flowing speed and the flowing length)
if the cooling technique layout is not very good enough to amazing down all the oil fuel produced by the pyrolysis reactor, then that will be your missing.
since our major purpose is to get oil from tires, if the oil charge is lower, then your income will be lowered.
c), temperature manage
When operate the machine, need to management the temperature in a specific range, if the temperature as well high, the oil fuel will become syngas, oil rate will be diminished, if the temperature too minimal, can not totally pyrolyze the squander tires and squander plastics, this will also minimize your oil charge.
d), drinking water temperature
the h2o which is utilised to amazing down the oil gasoline inside condensers must be as great as achievable.
Imagine, if your personnel they are not skilled in a proper and expert way, they could function the machine with high temperature, that will influence the oil price, last but not least minimize your profit.
In addition, be aware of purchasing from traders, they really do not have oil refining experience, this is very big risk if select them. Envision if no soon after promote service, what will take pyrolysis plant ?


How to Dispose of the Plastic Wastes in a Green Way

With rapid development of plastic industry, an ever-increasing number of plastic products have been applied to almost every field in our daily life from fast food boxes, plastic bags, the soles, plastic wrap for keeping fruits and food fresh, to white medicine bottles, raincoats, cars, cables, cars and tires, etc. Needless to say, plastic, with such unique performances as light weight, good electric and thermal insulation and high specific strength, has play an ever-important role in the national economy. Nevertheless, most plastic products are unlikely to corrode after use or consuming because of some of its specific properties, adversely affecting the ecological environment of our planet. Now that the output of global plastic products has far exceeded billions of tons and the total amount of plastic scrap is still on the rise, we are faced with stark conflict between environmental protection and economic growth. So the disposal of plastic scrap is of great urgency.


The easiest way to dispose of plastic wastes is land filling and simple burning. However, direct land filling will not only take enormous precious land resources but also pollute surrounding underground water system; there will be harmful gas and slag during simple plastic burning. At the same time, simple burning of such an enormous plastic will cause huge energy waste. So how to properly handle plastic wastes has become an issue of common concern among all countries and regions around the world. Since the 1970s, China has attached great importance to the research on how to turn waste plastic into fuel oil. Ever since its establishment in 1993, Huayin Group has dedicated itself to the environment-friendly waste to oil pyrolysis *project and has developed several generations of pyrolysis plants.

*waste to oil pyrolysis: Waste include not limited to plastic, rubber, tyre/tire


At first, let’s see how Huayin Pyrolysis plant works.

After plastic enters into the pyrolysis process (or reactor), the oil gas will come out under high temperature. After separation of oil and gas through hierarchical condensing pipes and the purification process, fuel oil comes out and the syngas generated will be returned to the furnace for burning.


Huayin Pyrolysis Plant Systems:

  • Feeding system
  • Pyrolysis system (reactor)
  • Catalyst system
  • Condensing system
  • Safety alarm system
  • Electrical Control System
  • Dust removing system
  • Water purification system


Advantages of Huayin Pyrolysis Plant:

  1. Integrated design: Easy to transport and install, largely saving your time for operation.
  2. 100% Green. The entire pyrolysis process happens in an oxygen-starved environment so there is no pollution at all. Furthermore, the dust removing system can purify the gas generated during reactor heating and the water purification system purifies water and enables recycled use.
  3. Energy-saving and high productive: The insulation cover outside the pyrolysis reactor and the aluminum silicate wool in between can insulate the reactor and reduce your heating cost; the hierarchical condensing systems can further improve the oil yield; the syngas generated is returned to the furnace for burning and reduce your cost…
  4. Safety Guarantee: The safety valves, alarming devices, pressure gauges, anti-fire devices, anti-explosion operation desk and anti-explosion control panels, etc. used can fully ensure the safety of both Huayin pyrolysis plant and the workers operating it.