How to Dispose of the Plastic Wastes in a Green Way

With rapid development of plastic industry, an ever-increasing number of plastic products have been applied to almost every field in our daily life from fast food boxes, plastic bags, the soles, plastic wrap for keeping fruits and food fresh, to white medicine bottles, raincoats, cars, cables, cars and tires, etc. Needless to say, plastic, with such unique performances as light weight, good electric and thermal insulation and high specific strength, has play an ever-important role in the national economy. Nevertheless, most plastic products are unlikely to corrode after use or consuming because of some of its specific properties, adversely affecting the ecological environment of our planet. Now that the output of global plastic products has far exceeded billions of tons and the total amount of plastic scrap is still on the rise, we are faced with stark conflict between environmental protection and economic growth. So the disposal of plastic scrap is of great urgency.


The easiest way to dispose of plastic wastes is land filling and simple burning. However, direct land filling will not only take enormous precious land resources but also pollute surrounding underground water system; there will be harmful gas and slag during simple plastic burning. At the same time, simple burning of such an enormous plastic will cause huge energy waste. So how to properly handle plastic wastes has become an issue of common concern among all countries and regions around the world. Since the 1970s, China has attached great importance to the research on how to turn waste plastic into fuel oil. Ever since its establishment in 1993, Huayin Group has dedicated itself to the environment-friendly waste to oil pyrolysis *project and has developed several generations of pyrolysis plants.

*waste to oil pyrolysis: Waste include not limited to plastic, rubber, tyre/tire


At first, let’s see how Huayin Pyrolysis plant works.

After plastic enters into the pyrolysis process (or reactor), the oil gas will come out under high temperature. After separation of oil and gas through hierarchical condensing pipes and the purification process, fuel oil comes out and the syngas generated will be returned to the furnace for burning.


Huayin Pyrolysis Plant Systems:

  • Feeding system
  • Pyrolysis system (reactor)
  • Catalyst system
  • Condensing system
  • Safety alarm system
  • Electrical Control System
  • Dust removing system
  • Water purification system


Advantages of Huayin Pyrolysis Plant:

  1. Integrated design: Easy to transport and install, largely saving your time for operation.
  2. 100% Green. The entire pyrolysis process happens in an oxygen-starved environment so there is no pollution at all. Furthermore, the dust removing system can purify the gas generated during reactor heating and the water purification system purifies water and enables recycled use.
  3. Energy-saving and high productive: The insulation cover outside the pyrolysis reactor and the aluminum silicate wool in between can insulate the reactor and reduce your heating cost; the hierarchical condensing systems can further improve the oil yield; the syngas generated is returned to the furnace for burning and reduce your cost…
  4. Safety Guarantee: The safety valves, alarming devices, pressure gauges, anti-fire devices, anti-explosion operation desk and anti-explosion control panels, etc. used can fully ensure the safety of both Huayin pyrolysis plant and the workers operating it.

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